• Swizzle sticks or straws can add pop to a themed party.
  • A guest who is “over served” is not only a social liability; he can be a legal one, too.
  • Tell your bartender to open bottles only as they are needed. A liquor store will take back white wine only if it has not been opened, chilled and still has a perfect label. They’ll usually take back unopened liquor, as well. Check ahead.
  • For a fancy iced cappuccino, make ice cubes out of coffee or cappuccino.
  • A liter of liquor makes about 22 mixed drinks.
  • There are about 5 wine servings to a 750 ml bottle. For a 2 hour cocktail party, if you are not serving anything else, apart from mineral water and soft drinks, allow 1 bottle for 2 people. At cocktail parties, white wine is generally more popular than red, so have two-thirds white to one-third red.
  • The usual range of spirits is vodka, scotch whiskey, gin, bourbon, rum, vermouth, domestic and imported beers, and wine. The obligatory mixers are orange juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice, soda, tonic, sparkling mineral water, Diet Coke and regular Coke and 7-Up. Garnishes should include lemons, limes, olives, onions and cherries.
  •  Pass a unique drink upon the guests’ arrival–it’s fun