A few weeks ago, Swift + Company designed a fun 55th birthday celebration on the rooftop of Houston’s newest venue Buffalo Bayou Brewery. The rooftop terrace features a magical view of the Houston skyline that provided the perfect backdrop for an extraordinary birthday celebration.

Houston Rooftop Event – Swift + Company Rentals – Buffalo Bayou Brewery

The decor of the event was inspired by the vibrant personality of the guest of honor. Our team utilized our customizable cocktail tables, light towers, and dance floor to set the mood for the party. Swift + Company Flower Studio created oversized arrangements for the buffets that were a talking point of the evening. Scroll through to get a closer look at this fabulous rooftop party!

Customizable Cocktail Table – Swift + Company Rentals – Houston Event Rentals

Buffet Arrangement and Centerpiece – Swift + Company Rentals + Flowers – Houston Event Rentals – Houston Event Flowers

Custom Dance Floor, DJ Booth, Light Towers – Swift + Company Rentals – Houston Event Rentals

Downton Houston View – Swift + Company Rentals – Houston Event Rentals

Oversized Flower Arrangement – Swift + Company Flowers – Houston Event Florist

Custom Cocktail Tables – Swift + Company Rentals – Houston Event Rentals

Custom Napkins – Swift + Company – Houston Event Planner

Centerpiece Arrangement Details – Swift + Company Flowers

All rentals + flowers done by Swift + Company. Looking for rentals or flowers for your event? Give our team a call at 713.869.8151 to visit our showroom.